2-Channel Holter for up to 14 days




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The OnePatch Holter can safely be
worn in water (with specialized electrode)

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Your Source for Patient-centered Cardiac Care

AMI Cardiac Monitoring provides remote heart monitoring services for patients wanting the assurance of 24/7/365 cardiac care. We are a privately-held Medicare-Certified Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. Our medical equipment is second to none and includes only trusted heart monitors for patients needing Holter and Cardiac Event Monitoring devices. (Looping and non-looping event recorders).

AMI is committed to working closely with patients and physicians to determine the best and most cost-effective device and services for their heart monitoring needs. 

Doctors and Clinical Staff: To speak with a clinician about scheduling a meeting or demo of services, please call us toll-free at 800-785-4354.

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MyPatch Holters

Our Holter Monitors include multi-day Patch Holter, 24- or 48-Hour Philips Holter and up to 7-day Philips recorders.

Holter monitoring can be set up in the hospital, clinic or physician practice setting, and Holter monitors may be sent directly to patients for application.

Additional Holter Services include:

  • Patient & staff teaching guides for data assimilation
  • Custom Holter summary for each patient test
  • Rapid report turnaround
  • STAT turnaround on request, 24/7/365
  • WebPortal, Fax, or secure Email report delivery as per practice request
  • Secure FTPs report uploads for integration into client’s electronic records

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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and Cardiac Event Monitoring is provided with RhythmStar heart monitors, with all services provided by AMI's clinical team.

RhythmStar Mobile Cardiac Telemetry includes continuous upload of patient ECG data to our cloud-based portal, and prompt evaluation of patient-activated and automatically recorded events.

We review aggregating ECG data every 2-6 hours and do a comprehensive review of each 24-hours of full-disclosure ECG, taking the time needed to correctly document episodes of arrhythmia and calculate accurate AF burden reports.

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Cardiac Event Monitor

RhythmStar and Braemar Cardiac Event Monitors automatically record episodes of bradycardia, tachycardia, pause and the onset of an episode of atrial fibrillation, and also allow patient activated recordings.

RhythmStar and Braemar do not record and upload continuous ECG data but are triggered for predefined events only. Our cardiac event monitors will trigger for atrial fibrillation, but will not quantify time in AF automatically. We do communicate with patients to help capture the end of any symptomatic episodes to provide as much data as can be obtained from this valuable diagnostic test.

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